Phreya » gee whiz ty for the umm advice...i think =P...i am not TRYING to mope so bleh..=P
Ana » p.s.- jk btw and p.s.s.- who ever said anything about not going nuts? =p
Ana » omfg you carbon copy, you! talk about deja vu! wish i could include a quote... and yeah, don't just mope...move out *hint hint* 0=) /hug
Bryth » Meh stop being so moapy finish school and move out, long distance is hard but if you work at works.
Phreya » anybody want teh cliff notes for Jan. 16th entry i got them for ya =P
Cano » i miss muh segzy so much too
Phreya » Zomg I miss mah segzy soo much ><
Cano » Its all good, long as i get to see muh segzy!1!111!!!!!!!111one!!
Phreya » Heh thanks for the heads up. Yay more shitty goodbyes to come =P
Ana » don't wanna go through it ever again, huh? bet you'll be in for a surprise or two /grin =P glad you had teh funzorz ( )
Phreya » Lmao i know wtf, it always fucking happens everytime you come here
Ana » I'm telling you, they're purposely planning to be there when I arrive >< It's like a conspiracty or something wtfzorz lol
Phreya » Lol niiice =P, omgz your gonna be here soon!!!11!
Ana » "Mushy McLoveyface" is a better word (ok, name..same shit) than "slacker" imo /grin
Cano » Do it, do it, do it ><
Phreya » No rod yanking for j00 =P
Cano » YANK MUH ROD!!!!!!
Phreya » Omgz spammage from teh segzy pink warrior BRELLS FTW!!! =)
Phreya » OMGZ CANO IS TEH SEGZY!!! <3 =)
Cano » LINDA SO SEGZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phreya » lolz omgz ya i know
Ana » 46, huh? what's that in Celsius? (gotta practice ya know =P)
Ana » 46, huh? what's that in Celsius? (gotta practice ya know =P)
Phreya » pfft ya! =P
Ana » no =p
Phreya » pheer me bitches mwa ha ha ha!!! >=)
Ana » oh noes beware teh occifer! =p
Phreya » Lol no but i know of an Ub3r OiT!! =)
Bryth » Blackburn was never uber OiT
Phreya » Omg it's Ana's birthday ^^
Ana » REZ ME! REZ ME! (and do tell me where my cake is... =P)
Phreya » Ohh I can tell ya where you can find your birthday cake >=). . . KEI ME BISH =P, and happy bday ^^
Ana » where's my birthday cake, Green Day?? /cry =P
Total BS » <-Botanical Differences
Addi » jamm
Serenity » U are Teh Almighty Phreya...Hehe Hoho Haha!!!
Phreya » OMG!! /cry Clerics don't suck. .durids suck cuz they are teh wannabe clerics =P
Bryth » Clerics Suck so happy birthday cause you suck =P
Phreya » omgz ty Ana =)
Ana » happy b-day, green day! 0=P *hugs*
blueskelton » *bows*
Phreya » Mwa ha ha ha Bow Down to ME!!
Ana » Oh noes! I think perhaps I've created a monster....
Phreya » bah! Silence you bish! =P
Ana » Oh My! Serves you right though! =P (jk)
Serenity » Hey Dude, *thank god* IM BACK!!! lol
mrmister » And I am saying my salutations because Tuesday is "green blog comment" day. Or is it "flail in bath with Gorgon" day? I never remember.
Ana » OMG, if you guys go next yr, I so have to go with you! I don't care what it takes, I'll make it work somehow! =P But in the meantime... Do Teh "Vader"!
Izzi » cool blog
Ana » pffft!! just saying hi cuz i haven't yet.
Michael » Cool blog!
Serenity » wow dude, this looks soo awesome and green
eRyzzah » you have a cool banner... keep on rocckin! \m/
jr » cool layout
eve » Thank you for great web site, i have discovered it recently, lots of good read
Serenity » ooo ur soo lucky to have university! i cant wait to hear about it^_^
Lin » I know they are soo fucking retarded you should see all the crap in the newspapers . . hockey finally makes the news on tv and its all just cuz they cancelled the season it cant ever be good news
Bryth » If the owners and the players union would have been smart they would have done 45million cap but no and they players finally agree to the salary cap on the 14th a little too late for that
Lin » Bryth man they cancelled the season them fucking bastards suck!
Serenity » dude, u definately have to read u know whos blog, F*ING HILLARIOUS
Bryth » At 1pm today 2/16/05 he will announce the cancelation of teh season....less then an hr till the doom hoping for that miracle on ICE
Lin » You make me sad. . DAMN NHL!!
Bryth » Say goodbye to the precious NHL Season unless something miraculous happens....Woo Go NHL
Michelle » Nice blog and neat anime likes list.
raindrops » Vash is sexy! So is spike!! AHH! SPike is sexy!
Bryth » Nice blog great way its done. Seems like your pretty popular. See you later on
BlueSkelton » I like that picture just above your tagboard thats so cool
ZoE-LP » Lovely blog!
erica » hey, nice blog. come by mine sometime.
Noodlez » Happy Birthday! Nice blog, check out mine sometime.
WHITEChickS » This shit is fucking kool dude!
LoL Itz Toeknee! » Hey Your site kicks all kinds of ass
Chris » Awesome layout.
gEe* » heyy yer website is cool!
Serenity » My condolenses for Mike But whats the deal w/kristanite making a list for corny.
kristanite » My to do list for you : clear tagboard, update because I have a new enemy named kristanite, and go to
Serenity » The version 3 pic looks so cool!
Serenity » Wats up? Good song choice!
Tara » Hey! I love your site. I'm a big Ranger fan too
Linda » thank you
Serenity086 » Awesome layout!
Danielle » Hey, love your layout, I was at SuperSkate too!
Lin986 » hello
Dream » hi
Lin986 » test
Lin » thanx
+*~Me~*+ » i like ur blog!
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