Entry: I'm done Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thats it...i got nothing left in me to keep this going.....yea granted life has gotten a lot more busy since i started it 2 years ago and u'd think i have so much to write? Well granted that may be true BUT it has also made me soo soo very busy so if i do ever get a chance when i have a piece of free time then yea maybe i'll blog something here and there..but the bi weekly unrelated to the topic posts that i would make are no more because i have no time and i just dont care anymore. I went with the fad and then some and now i'm done with it...no sense to add anything else.. so to those who did read it for the time it was up thanks for reading the garbage that spewed from my mind to the keyboard and on to teh web. It was fun while it lasted but i'd figure instead of letting it sit stagnant let it go and then let it sit...hehe works for me =). So thanks blogdrive for 2 years and some change of blogging and i'll keep it up should i decided to blog here and there granted i wont even do taht but its nice to keep hopes up, eh? Soo love peace, chicken grease and good bye blog readers and writers =D


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