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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Stupid Transit strike

All those fuckers who went on strike leaving 7million new yorkers stranded without public transportation to get around to schools and jobs and such can all go suck cock and die!!! Sersiouly after all the years they've done this and never striking i never thought i would see teh day that they would strike leaving ppl totally fucked. I mean i know they did it in the 80's but its much worse now. . population has increased somewhat i know for fact and a lot more ppl and to just do that is totally retarded. They bitch about nothing and when they are given something its not good enough for them so they bitch and moan more to get what they want. And you know what its not gonna work like that. . .keep striking u ass wholes because once you go back to work don't even think for one second that people are gonna pay any mind to you or give u one ounce of respect unless they were on your side as well. Beacause this is day 2 of this shit so if this goes on pass friday or hell pass today there is something really wrong. Why am i soo goddamn pissed about it. They had to fucking strike on the last day of my finals. So what has my college been doing? The only thing they can by postponing exams until the strike is over and god knows when that will be. Just wanted to take this last exam on tuesday and not have to go back to my collge until the end of january when classes are in session for the spring semester. . but no they had to strike that particular day....just to fuck with people. . well fuck you ass holes. Heh...aside from that rant my others finals didnt go that bad. . math seemed all too easy.  cheat sheet ftw :P, and biology was ok...not the best test imo but i know i passed. . .last test that i have to take is economics but i guess i am gonna have to wait for that. . also got some of my grades back and i am pissed off about them. Got a C+ in biology and a B in english. Now if those aren't crappy grades i dunno what is. I mean i knew i was gonna do really crappy this semster, hell i forsore it, but i dunno i thought maybe after telling myself that i would be more dedicated to do better. . .geuss not. Hmm let's see ahh yesterday was ou 2month anniversary...lame lame yes i know but i dunno its nice ^^...shut up =P it is!. . . Which also makes me exicted to know that mah segzy will be in nyc soon yayzorz. . . oh and i would like to thank him oh so much for making me play wow....ADDICT!! =) kk i'm done.. =)

Posted at 12/21/2005 6:08:30 pm by Lin986

Sunday, December 18, 2005
I am a deviant

I meant to join for a while but just seemed to forget, but today i finally signed up for Deviant Art and now my art will be displayed on teh site for all to see and comment =/. Dunno if thats a good thing for a bad thing but am willing to take the chance i suppose. Anyway the link for it is soo u can just click that to check it out...dear friends of mine pls leave a comment ^^. Anyway i'll link it to blog when i remeber too...would be nice if i did it after this but i will probably forget and that will be the end of it until i remeber like a few days later. Soo yesterday was my nieces birthday PARTY...emphasis on the party part because it actually wasn't her birthday. Yes as wierd as it may sound to the rest of us they celebrate her birthday with everyone on a day when its not her birthday but early enough so she wil get brithday and chirstmas gifts. Her acutal birthday, which is this week, is on the 21st of this month. Cuts it real close to chirstmas not to mention its on the first day of winter so its not that hard to forget it heh.. just like my boyfriends, who's is coming up too very soon on the 1st of Jan. .now if i forget that not only am i a bad girlfriend but a retard considering thats the easiest day to remeber. First of the year. Come on now doesnt really take brain power to remeber that one now does it? Hmm maybe for me it does lolz...yar yar i suck. Anyway i basically talked to the wall for the most of that party.. or my brother cuz i didnt know/like anyone else at that party. Real highlight of that crap was when terence called and when we left lol...yea i hate parties that make absolutely no sense, and this one didnt make any at all. Bleh this week is my test week so that should be fun stuff. I have two finals tomorrow. Sucks but the good thing is that i dont have to get up early tomorrow so yayzorz for that. Have my biology and math tomorrow which is my two worse subjects. . lets just hope i barely pass my math test because thats all i really want. . D or C i dont give a flying fuck. . .and then tuesday i got my economic final and lets just hope they dont strike so i can actually take the test lolz. Well i am off to study and talk to mah segzy!! I found out that teh interent is for porn....=) just grab ur dick and double click =/......get it =P

Posted at 12/18/2005 11:18:15 pm by Lin986

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Chirstmas =/ bleh

Yea i hate this holiday oh so much i just can't wait till it comes and goes so i can just enjoy my vacation. Finally started christmas shopping yesterday and i only got my moms something for xmas and my neice something for her birthday cuz her party is on saturday and her acutal birthdsy is on the 21st. . go figure they make it early enough so no one jips her of a birthday and christmas gift eh? =P. Soo that reminds me that i also gotta wrap some stuff today of what i bought and go shopping tomorrow hopefully being able to knock out some more stuff =/. Also need to go to the library to return those books from my research paper which i got a B+ on ^^. Anyway today was mah last day of classes WOOT WOOT!! To think this semster is almost over and it couldnt come any faster. Had my long day and basically did nothing in my classes. With the lack of sleep that i had the night before i basically just took a nap in every class. Next tuesday and monday are gonna be fun because i have my finals and after those two days i am finally free of this semester and look forward to a nice long vacation and seeing mah segzy ^^. But of course no year goes like we plan..even teh school year. The people of the NYC transit system are planning on striking midnight tonight and hopefully they dont because i need to be able to get to mah college for mah finals next week, They already set up some retarded contingency plan but the college is basically gonna be postponing the test for a later day but lets just hope it doesnt happen because i dont feel like going back to college during my vacation and waiting even longer for my final grades so i can actually see mah horrible average this semster. Well glad to see that its almost over and that just makes me happy alone lolz. Well I have nothing more to add except rawr ^^...

Posted at 12/15/2005 8:14:41 pm by Lin986

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Yar one more week

Yes yes yes this is finally my last week of classes for the semster and let me tell u i am damn happy for it to be over soon. In a way it has gone fast but in other ways it has gone sooo slow. Just glad that now we will be finishing up learning our last bits of shit and reviewing for next week which is just finals and for me only 2 days so its all good. Then after that i will have that lovely month and a half off to do nothing related to college or downtown near my college...maybe except the fact that i have to take some test for spanish if i wanna take next semster for placement. . .was HOPING not to be here again for another semester but it is looking like i will. Damn fucking cuny system and their ghey transfer process. . . at this rate i will never get out of this college and move to something else and change my major to what i fucking want!! ></cry. . .oh well guess i need to be patient about it. .  and who knows i stil may have hope going there next semester or at least next school year. . .cuz i want out of this college ><. But they may be waiting for this semester grades. . but i dont remeber if i wanted them to see them or not. I believe i put no because i knew there were gonna be horrible this semster. . soo i dunno they are just fucking slow why the hell am i making up fucking excuses for these ppl. . .lazy lazy lazy asses that get paid more than they should and do nothing in the end. Hmm let's see what else. . .Rangers doing really well. . .second in the league tied with another team. Niiice. . . .=). . . so this saturday is my niece birthday party but not her birthday. . no i am not going into that shit. . anyway i havent gotten her a gift let alone done any christmas shopping ><. But we all know how i feel about that holiday or any at that matter. . =). . good thing about this vacation other than the days off is mah segzy coming here eep ^^. . yea yea thats enough of that from me lolz. . back to normal bitch mode again....kk all good =). . well yea i been slacking with writing in this blog but once i am off i will have more time for it cuz i will have nothing to do lolz. . so nothing to write about lolz. Anyway. . . until the next time which will be sometime soon i promise =). . . peace and chicken grease =/

Posted at 12/13/2005 5:03:06 pm by Lin986

Thursday, December 08, 2005
Will it ever end?! ><

Omg i cannot fucking wait until this semster is finally over. I seriously cant take this shit anymore and i want my month and a half off. These like past weeks have been fucking sucking and it seems like it is just getting worse and worse =/. For the past three days i have been waking up late, and running all the way downtown half alseep. Hopefully i dont do so again tomorrow or something is really wrong. I mean i know my mentality is already that classes are over for the semster but i mean i still have one more week of classes and then after is finals. . .but its just like no one is doing anything anymore how can i not feel like i am already off. Bleh yesterday i did one of the grossest things i would never of thought i would do. Yestderday in lab i had to dissect a fetal pig. Omg and me thinking it wont really look like that much of a pig but goddamn holyshit that thing was basically full term. IT was fucking 12-13inches long...felt so bad. I didnt really do that much of the cutting into the pig my partner was really having the fun with that but it was jus soo gross to cut up something that looks like an animal..i dunno it just seemed really wierd.  I mean it was so compared to the frog and worm i mean u can actually see the shit inside this thing. I know we did it cuz it was suppose to be a closely related to a human beings insides as possible but it was sooo sick. And of couse i didnt end there. We had to close it up and save it for next lab when we finish up the dissection. Omg we had to save the dissected pig for a while week?! Sooo nasty. . . not looking forward to doing that again next week but once it is over with i will be happy. Speaking of whcih.. lol nothing to do with it but last thursday i believe i mentioned how pissed i was when my english professor didnt how for class..well guess what happened today, again =/. Got up late and ran out the house only to find that the dumb bitch wasnt here...again!! Its really getting annoying how irresponsible she is. I mean omg for a professor u need to be responsible. I have learned nothing from that class this whole semster. That is the only class i can say that i did not gain anything from but migranes =/. And u know what really pisses me off? The fact that she makes the final draft of the research paper due today and she doesnt have the decency to let us know that she wont be in today and makes us re type and corrected it to get it in on time for nothing.. this is the main reason why i cant wait till this semster is over. Fucking bitch can rot in hell for all i care i just want a decent grade from her and to tell her to shove that great big fucking smile of hers up her fucking ass. Yea i ranted enough for today =/

Posted at 12/8/2005 8:07:39 pm by Lin986

Monday, December 05, 2005
R.I.P. Goldie =(

Yea.... was gonna write this sooner but i figured it was best now because i know i can type out this entry without crying. Ironic how my mom and i were talking this monday saying god this has been a bad year. . . and she tells me, well its only gonna be December...there is stil room for more. And who would of knew that it could get worse, and so soon at that? Friday we took goldie my kitty of 12 years, to the vet because it looked like he had gained a significant amount of weight within a matter of days. Hell he even felt heavier. Found out when we were there that the X-rays showed he had gained 2.7lbs of weight in fluid. Had something to do with the tumor he had. Basically all of a sudden fluid started to build up in his body giving him little to almost none breathing space. Literally there was fluid everywhere but a little tiny circle. Basically if we would of left it for like 2 more weeks he would of drowned. Sad to say standing there watching the X-ray the vet was like "I think it's time...." those words went right through me because i knew what was coming. Even if we would of tried to help him we would have to come back every 3 days to drain him and it will end up putting him in a lot more pain. Soo bascially the only thing we could do and what we all knew was coming was putting him to sleep. Still is kinda hard to realize that he isn't here anymore. What made me feel the worse was the fact that they brought him down from the X-rays so we could say goodbye to him. To see him sitting on the table, awake and aware as ever, absolutely broke my heart to know that this was going to be the last time that I wil see him alive or that I would see him period. To know that he wasnt going to go home with us was horrible and i kinda wish that i didnt see him. I keep playing it in my head over and over and I'm just glad that he is finally not in pain anymore. Although his last 2 years of life he lived it will diabetes and a tumor he was a fighter all the way to the end. You know how they say cats have 9 lives? Well i believe that he used all of them as he was near death soo many times but ended up being strong and pulling through and recovering like a champ. I had him since i was 7 and for 12 years filled our family with lover and affection....bleh cant even type this without tearing up.. I will miss him very much and loved him soo much. Gonna stop now because if i try to type more its gonna take me forever to get these sentences out without crying... anyway thats all i really wanted to in peace my lil teddy bear.....

Posted at 12/5/2005 8:09:06 pm by Lin986

Friday, December 02, 2005
Bleh, next semster sucks. . .

Just when you think ahh here is the perfect opperunity again! Tis registration time and here's get another chance for me to make a sechedule i like with the classes that i want. . . err scratch that... with the classes i am required to take. Just finished doing it like 10min ago so you will here my pissed off tale of how much its gonna suck next year ><. Ok so the courses that i am taking are Physics, Music history, Spanish I, and English Literature II =P. . .that one i didnt want to take but since i want to get outta here asap i took it cuz if conformed best with my sech. . yea not the best way to choose classes since i will find it boring as hell but i want out goddammit ><. So basically i have class everyday. . and 3 of those days i have to be up nice and early. . . oh joy. . your wondering cuz i bitch so much about early classes why the fuck do u take them at that time? Well cuz i can deal with morning classes better and it makes the day go faster and it works for me i mean hell its been working for 3 semesters. So 2 of the days i have to be there a long time. . .and what sucks is and what kinda doesnt suck about it is that all the classes are directly one after a nother.. . no big breaks inbetween on my long days anymore ><. . . but i do still have some long breaks. . . ./sigh. Anyway overally it isnt too bad its just with the classes that i am taking i feel i will have the stress that i am having this semster . . all over again. . /sigh i need a break dammit. . .i wish i could transer, damn school hasnt told me anything yet. . . but i may be able to get outta here on time so i just may do that. . of course EVENTUALLY i will need speech but i am just not ready to take that. . . when? Heh my last semster. . .yea i'ma big chicken when it comes to that class and what better way to make my nerves go craZy than putting it off until the last minute? Yes you are one wise person there. . .tyty =). Hmm this entry is gonna neeed to be cut short need to take mah kitty to the vet because he's in pretty bad shape ><. But some final bull shit before i go. .  .wuwu gratz to the rangers for kicking ass yesterday and beating the penguins 2-1. . . we are making some damn points and they seem to be really rocking this year ^^. . . so yea need to get going. . . wish i had more to say but tis need to be responsible. . . until next time. . . IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!111!

Posted at 12/2/2005 2:57:07 pm by Lin986

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Soldier Side

One of my absolute favorite songs on the new album Hypnotize. And guess what? Yes yes more lyrics beacuse i have nothing interesting to write and well this is a lot more interesting. Powerful powerful lyrics, but what else did you expect from system of a down right? Soo here they are lyrics to Soldier Side.


Soldier Side

Dead men lying on the heart of the grave
Wondering when savior comes, if he is gonna be saved
Maybe you're a sinner and to your turn in life
Maybe you're a joker, maybe you deserve to die

They were crying when their sons left
God is wearing black
He's gone so far to find no hope
He's never coming back

They were crying when their sons left
All your men must go
He's come so far to find no truth
He's never going home

Young men standing on the top of their own grave
Wondering when Jesus comes, are they gonna be saved
Holy to the little bishop, tells the king his lies
Maybe you're a mourner, maybe you deserve to die

They were crying when their sons left
God is wearing black
He's gone so far to find no hope
He's never coming back

They were crying when their sons left
All your men must go
He's come so far to find no truth
He's never going home

Welcome to the soldier side
Where there is no one here but me
People all grow up to die
There is no one here but me

Welcome to the soldier side
There is no one here but me
People on the soldier side
There is no one here but me

Posted at 11/29/2005 8:02:23 pm by Lin986

Saturday, November 26, 2005
I hate the holidays

I'm just glad that it's all over. . .for now at least. There was just way too much shit to deal with this year and i am just glad that it's behind us and that it won't be back for a whole year. . good times right? =P. Soo anyway shit load of family came over, whitney came too and all thats left at the house is whitney which is good. . .can only deal with so many people in one area and having my grandmother, whit and brother his fucking wife and their demonic child all in one house for one retarded reason is just...well retarded. Tried my best to help relieve the stress in the kitchen with my mom but thats basically all i really did. . . its not a big thing to me. . . no holiday is. . . just a waste of time and a waste of money. Well enough with the holiday shit. . . . have a whole nother shit load of stuff being added on to it with all that i have due on monday for class. Go figure that all the classes that happen to give me something due all happened to be the classes that i have on monday. . so here i am procrastinating on saturday. . . but i did manage to get quite a bit done today. Did my math and biology test this morning before we all went out for dinner. . . i didnt really wanna go. . more so didn't even wanna be with anyone today, just wanted to chill alone for a bit and just think. So when ppl bug me when i dont want to be bugged i get all spaced out and just dont pay attention all together. Soo since i had to go to the library and pick up some books for my research paper due on monday it gave me the perfect oppertunity to be by myself and not have to deal with all those around me. . . i just needed to be by myself for once. So many people here this past week just is fucking with me. Honestly i enjoyed going to the library and being there alone and walking home very slow so i didnt have to see anyone for a bit. Twas nice, but now back to the real world. . chaos. . . nice. Speaking of which i fucked up so much this week i dunno wtf is going on in that head of mine. . something i assume but who knows, right? I've been totally ignoring terence when i would talk to him. Not on purpose mind you, cuz i would never do that, but there has been soo many distractions around me this week that i totally put him on the side from everything else. >< feel so bad about that. Hopefully when normalacy returns i won't screw it up again. . .cuz i really dont do that but i dunno. . like i said am all fucked up. I'm just gonna leave that at that cuz if i go into it more i won't stop writing and well there is no time for that. . . . anyway i got nothing else really, So i'm just gonnaa enjoy the music of hypnotize and just attempt to enjoy the rest of my vacation. . . if you could even calll it that. .

Posted at 11/26/2005 4:32:54 pm by Lin986

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Wuwu one more day

One more day till what you ask? Whit coming? Nooooo Thanksgiving?? Fuck nooo. . then what u retard?! Till mah vacation. Screw everything else i need my days off to relax from college. Oh wait wait not true. Cuz even during my vacation which i was once looking forward to has been turned into an even more stressful week with 3 of my four classes piling on all this uncessary bull shit that happens to be all due on the same day. /sigh i never seem to get a break. . i gues my real break will be when i am done with the semester and i get to see my segzy. . so long from now. . fucking college ><. Soo bascially now i have a math test on monday, a biology take-home test due that day and a first draft of my research paper for enlgish. . oh boy such fun right? Thats gotta pile with all the family tahts gonna be here plus whitney. . . . i dont need this right now. . . no matter what this school always finds a way to bite me in the ass and fuck me over.(not literally of course). I also that week gotta get advised because apparently i am gonna have to register for next srping cuz i still dont know if i am gonna be trasfered yet. . . . or at all . . . .god how i hate nyc and they're fucked up college system. DAMN U CUNY!! Well anyway lets see tomorrow is my last day for classes and a lot of ppl will be coming over tomorrow cuz they will not only be staying over but some are just comiing over for the hell of it. Like we wont see u the next day for fucking thanksgivng right? Fucktards. But whatever right? Just tune it all out lol. What is the point of this holiday? OR any for that matter? I'm sure i must say this every year when the holidays come around lol. .  .but i mean really wtf. Guess i'll never understand it. . .  .but all i know is that its all a waste of time and moeny. Anyway on a more interesting note.  .rangers won today against buffalo wuwwu. . even though all i saw was OT and teh almost close shootout it was still good for me ^^. Soo 3-2 i guess u can consider it with the winning shootout lol. . oohhh and the best news of teh day. I got teh NEW SYSTEM OF A DOWN CD AND ITS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!1111!!!1!1!!!ONE!!!1 Yea its good shit and i encourage all to listen to it. They were also in nyc today and i didnt see them >< cuz i am a total retard. . but i had class and it was fucking cold out omgz!! Right now they should be performing at webster hall they were having a show their tonight. . omg omg omg i cant wait to they premire that on mtv2 cuz i'ma watch it. Well i got nothing else for ya, but get the new soad cd cuz its good shit =)

Posted at 11/22/2005 10:20:47 pm by Lin986

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