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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
I'm done

Thats it...i got nothing left in me to keep this going.....yea granted life has gotten a lot more busy since i started it 2 years ago and u'd think i have so much to write? Well granted that may be true BUT it has also made me soo soo very busy so if i do ever get a chance when i have a piece of free time then yea maybe i'll blog something here and there..but the bi weekly unrelated to the topic posts that i would make are no more because i have no time and i just dont care anymore. I went with the fad and then some and now i'm done with sense to add anything else.. so to those who did read it for the time it was up thanks for reading the garbage that spewed from my mind to the keyboard and on to teh web. It was fun while it lasted but i'd figure instead of letting it sit stagnant let it go and then let it sit...hehe works for me =). So thanks blogdrive for 2 years and some change of blogging and i'll keep it up should i decided to blog here and there granted i wont even do taht but its nice to keep hopes up, eh? Soo love peace, chicken grease and good bye blog readers and writers =D

Posted at 2/14/2006 7:55:36 pm by Lin986
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
College, college, college zomg

Yar so my first week of classes in my new college are finally done and since i've ignored the blog long enough...=/, i figure i tell ya about it like i promised to do so. Ok so thrusday was the first day and i had math. Sucks that i have to not only take math over but the same math course again..but what am i gonna do the course didnt transfer over so sucks for me. Good thing is that its a 10am class so compared to my 12:30 math class last semster its much better cuz it not only goes faster but i think because i had this shit before i can understand it a lot better. Plus with that the porfessor is totally cool so its always good that u enjoy the professor and how he teachers cuz that means u will understand teh shit he tells ya zomg and i do! So yea thats not a bad class. Friday was my long day 10am- 4:30 pm =/. Well i have two classes that day. My first was my photography class and the in the after noon was my graphic arts communication class. Both kick ass classes zomg so fun. In the photography class not only will we be taking our own photos but we will also develop our own film. Isnt that cool? He showed us all the machines and how to develop film in a dark room and shit like that it was soo cool. And in the graphic communication class i get to draw out logos and learn the fundamentals of graphic arts...still haven't gotten all my shit for that class yet but i should by tomorrow cuz friday is the class again. And today since we didnt have class last wednesday i had my graphic arts management office class and not as interesting as the other ones but its still cool. And i finally get to use a computer in this class so its all gravy. Hmm lets see lets see...other than classes nothing else seems to be going on that is interesting...just wow and classes atm lolz yea thats a REAL nice life,eh? I'd like to think it is. Soo i got nothing else to i will stop where i am now cuz me bored of it lol...until next time god knows when that will ever be lol.

Posted at 2/1/2006 6:41:20 pm by Lin986

Friday, January 27, 2006
Fun stuff

Hello all because i am inbetween classes atm.....gotta jet in about 10 mins and i haven't blogged in a while and i dont really have the time to talk about mah new college and my kick ass classes! Can ya tell i like it? =p.. . i present to you yet another one of Linda's fave lyrics from none only but her fave band system of a down. Absoultely love this song. Mr. Jack is a great song off the "Steal this Album" CD and tis a good listen so here are teh lyrics enjoy and i am out to get ready to go to my second class today...hopefully lets out early like my first class this morning...anyway enjoy =P

Mr. Jack

System of a down

Hey Mr. Jack,
Is that the mouthwash in your eyes,
Hey Mr. jack,
Is that the cause of your surprise,
Hey where you at,
On the side of the freeway in the car,
Hey where you at,
On the side of the freeway in the car.
In the car.

On the side of the freeway in the...
Hey Mr. Jack,
Is that the trick of your demise,
Hey where you at,
On the side of the freeway in the car,
Hey where you at,
On the side of the freeway in the car,
In the car, in the car, in the car.

Seven a.m. morning, came to take us away,
Little men, big guns, pointed at our heads,
Seven a.m. morning, came to take us away,
Little men, big guns, pointed at our heads,
At our, at our heads.

Your prospect of living gone,
You ran the light at dawn,
Protectors on your back,
Lights are on their track.
You must now face authority,
You're nothing like me,
You must now face authority,
You're nothing like me.
Put you hands up, get out of the car,
Put you hands up, get out of the car,
Put you hands up, get out of the car.

Fuck you pig,
Fuck you pig,
Fuck you pig,
Fuck you pig,
Put you hands up, get out of the car.

Posted at 1/27/2006 12:39:45 pm by Lin986

Sunday, January 22, 2006
My last week /cry

Ok so its technically not a full week but basically my last...umm 2 days of having no certain time to need to go to sleep cuz i need to get up early for class or homework bull shit to deal with...but that all will soon come back this Thursday when the spring semster starts =/ /sigh. So why do i say 2 days left? Well monday i get to still relax and not have to worry about any bull shit cept getting my notebooks and stuff but thats no big thing. But on tuesday i gotta be at orientation at 8:30am....not required but SUGGESTED soo my mom insists i go so i said what the hell it will get me back into the swing of things with getting up 6am kinda early yay. I mean my calsses aren't well hardly early classes...only one i have to be there at 10am...that would be my earliest..the rest which happen to be all my graphic art classes are late afternoon to like early evening..meaning 6ish. Yea sooo good stuff hopefully it will all go somewhat smoothly. Then wednesday i can relax again before the dreaded thursday which means is when my classes start. Good thing though is i have mondays off so i am really not complaining about my sechedule. Hmmm staying on the school topic just a lil bit more, my economics professor sends us an email in like the last week on december saying he wont have the grades for us until January here January 15th comes..still no after that...still nothing and now here we are on the 22nd....and still fucking nothing. I dunno what the fuck is up with this dude. Test and projects he would give back when he said he would but for some reason the final he is having a lil trouble with...the midterm we got back real dud? I mean seriously he almost fucked up me getting my tranfering shit done. Soo hopefully they will show up later today..or tomorrow..or sometime soon..cuz i really wanna know my whole gpa not with only 3 courses..../sigh. So yesterday if i am correct was Amanda's 20 years old..heh i can't imagine myself being 20....seems weird...well hope she had fun the weather was rather hot that day. 60 degrees? WTF its winter i have not felt and normal winter weather and january is suppose to be the cold month. Ummmm well i got nothing else on me..stuff i could say would not be for ppls to see this is all i got..take it or shove it up ur ass =D

Posted at 1/22/2006 11:41:51 am by Lin986

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
I'll stop....=P

Ok ok obviously my MOPING as a few people have referred to it to has seemed to be quite excessive lately, i realized that with the kind advice of all the people that both Terence and I talked to that we should just take it and listen to them about it. I promise not to mope anymore about this shit...or at least not as much lolz...cuz lately i wil admit i been doing it so yea i will stop. Time to get back to normal Linda. The loud, rude, total bitch you'd love to hate zomg fun =D. Just gotta keep up the visits between us and jsut keep looking forward to them. So much for Terence's idea of just constantly playing WoW for like large amounts of time during the day heh. . .even I will still do it cuz fucking WoW is addciting...subsituting it for something else is really not a good idea. Just see it as a game...i need mah horsie anyway. I really hope to do some sewing today..gotta find all the shit i need to do teh trim on mah Sakura dress and hopefully finish this one up real soon so i can get started on Areis and then other ppls cosplays love mah new sewing machine...its my best friend...we have lunch together everyday....he doesn't talk much but meh what ya gonna do right? I mean if it did talk i would start to even though its sounded pretty pathetic talking to a sewing machine i'm retarded. Hmmm lets seee oh get this shit had to go down to mah college yesterday and give in teh moonies for mah tuition and zomg they are so slow down there...but whatever its all over and done with and now the NEXT time that i should be going down there is when classes start to which i will be alone and confused on which building to go to lolz...ahhhh the joys of starting over in yet another new school. Boy do i hate getting used to something different when u been so used to your old college for like 3 semsters...yes 3 semsters that college has sucked the life out of me slowy but surely it has. Little by little until i beacame one of the fucking losers..but no i did not, cuz i got my fucking ass out of the worthelss piece of shit college and fuck you to all the students, professors, and whoever that works there and that never seem to give a damn...Fuck u all you worthless bastards beacause u can act rude to me and fail me but little do u know i have more power over u...evaluations FTW!!!! So shove your fucking B's and C+'s up all your fucking asses you worthless trash =D......I hope u all die a horrible horrible death...yea that does sound a tad mean but i mean if u went to that college and seen the staff and those oh so great professors(HUGE SARCAMS ALERT) you'd be saying the same thing yea wheee for a newer and hopefully less crappier college =P

Posted at 1/18/2006 11:11:55 am by Lin986

Monday, January 16, 2006

You know i've noticed something ever since i started blogging a lil over 2 years ago. I went too look back at all the times that i blogged in January, and including this one it is 3 total. . and i found that the blog entries have gotten progressively less and less and the blog got older. The first time i blogged in January i blogged pretty much everyday except for the weekend that i went to my senior ski trip, the following year i blogged every other day or 2 days and here i am in the third time i blog in the month of january..barely blogging. Why may you ask..hell thats what i ask myself. There could be a lot of reasons. First off why did i start this crap? I mean did i really think anyone was gonna read it unless i told them and for that matter want people to read about my life? My life is boring? I mean what person would spend their time reading blogs about people they dont know? So i can explain this a bit. I started this blog because at that time it was such a big internet craze and when it began to get fairly popular. I mean lots of ppl were making blogs and i thought i would follow the fad and make one to. Thus Greetings was born. Granted i told a few ppl it and they read mine i read theirs and we all had a good laugh. So why the hell did u all of a sudden go from blogging a lot from hardly ever? There are plenty of reasons that i blog as much, or shall i say as less, as i do. Has that buzz from the fad of making and having one dissipated? Partially that is the reason i dont blog that much. It's kick pretty much faded for me. . but that was like last year so lol. I mean if i were to read my blog when i started like late 2003 and read it now in early 2006 lots of things have changed. Hell i have changed. You think with being a senior in highschool considering i really had no life then i would have nothing to blog about. And that was the time i blogged the most, of teh irony! Possibly cuz i was so bored and had nothing to do that all i did find interesting was putting together a few sentences and paste an entry. I know for fact my life was boring then all i raelly blogged about was hockey and life as a senior in highschool. Kk let's fast forward a bit to the 1st brithday of Greetings. Kk now there is plenty more to write about. Your first year in college zomg! Teh experiences you will have, right?! Wrong heh with no hockey to blog about i was stumped to write about anything. But this the cosplay hobby came about. My friend and i went on our sewing frezy and sure enough made it to our goal and went to the con and had an awesome time. Life wasn't really all that interesting then either but writing about first year in college does give ya something to bitch and moan about. Ahh the way they grade homework wanted to be out..more so the freedom ya have. So here i am in the second year of my blog and my going into 4th semster of college. And i blog a hell of a lot less. What happened? Well thanks to my dear brother and whitney i got introduced to the world of mmorpgs and the addiction they can have on a loner like me. Hell i dragged my friend into teh fun but she didn't grabbed on to it as much as i did, but she did like to nuke. . oh teh nukage!! I'd say my life pretty much changed a lot or scratch that, the most in 2005. Still with my addciting game. .. . friendships started to break. She got a boyfriend and i was totally supportive and happy for her. . .but it left me teh lone chick. . even though we still hung out i just felt left out being alone in the sense of well..hard to explain but i hope u understand what i meant. And me and my retarded game addiction sorta destoryed a long friendship that had gotten progressively distant that year anyway. Then late in 2005 i met my boyfriend Terence and i became super busy as did she talking to her bf when she could cuz of time difference and wrking and me being attached to the comp talking to terence all the time. . .it fianlly came to a break. . .sucks that it happened but what can ya do...wanna guess who's fault that was i take blame cuz i start stupid shit...but whatever i guess nothing i can do about it now. . we completely lost contact. . again thanks to me heh..oh linda you wonderful person. . .anyway back on track to what i was saying so now with terence in my life and him introducing me to world of warcraft. . ahem there really hasn't been time to blog because i am either on the fone with him on wow with him or him yelling at me about raiding =D j/k. So yea that in a nut shell is why blogging has just lessened since i started. Life has changed a lot for this blogger.....some good some bad. . . .so you just gotta roll with the punches. . .there are just days where i could give a fuck about blogging. . will i keep it up this year? Who knows i dont really care for it anymroe. . so write this entry? Just to explain why i dont and reflect on it. . plus to take a wow break =D. And i need all i can to keep my mind of Terence in the sense if i do think of him when he's not here it depresses the shit outta me. Hell last night i was lieing in bed and all i could do is think about him...not being here. . .i swear i am so ready to get on with my life and be with him and just leave. . . i really can't take it at times. . this house drives me nuts. . .i just want to be with Terence. . someone that actually makes me happy, shocking isn't it? Love his so goddamn much that this distance is not wrking for me at all..just wonder how others do it so well without going fucking nuts. Its been a lil over a week and i still feel depressed about it. . .thats bad? That's gotta be bad. Meh what am i gonna do. . . try not to think about it and just look forward to when i go there in march and when he comes in june ect ect. . keep positive. . .heh hard for me to do but o well. . .but i mean if college wasn't in my way i would just move in with him in a sec, thats how much the distance is bugging me. . yes yes i know only almost 3months and u wanna move in with him? Yes, yes i do. . thats how much i love him and how well i know we both connect with each other. And here i go rambling on about something else lol....gonna stop before i go into soemthing else and just bleh go off topic. So the point of this was to explain why i dont blog as much and just incase i dont anymore, life has changed. . .i fucked up a lot i know that. . and other stuff that in the back of my mind that i questioned i took that chance and it ended up being something good. . yea it also just sounds like my life in a review. . .you might want cliff notes for this entry. . might of gotten a bit carried away with how much i wrote. . shows you just whats been on my mind recently. . enjoy

Posted at 1/16/2006 9:53:55 pm by Lin986

Thursday, January 12, 2006
Yay I'm in zomg!

After being such a pain in the ass with it last week I am finally registed and in my new college and am goddamn happy to be outta my old college. Granted my classes are awesome but I am so boned with the sechedule it is not even fucking funny. Anyway lets rewind a bit cuz i seemed to forget to mention what happened teh prior week when i wanted this shit over and done with. Last week was actually a week from today so zomg it makes sense...anyway Terence and I went down to mah new college so i can get registered for the new semster and shit so i wouldn't have to stay in my old college another semster. We go down there with what the acceptance letter told us to bring. My high school diploma plus a copy, my college transcript, the medical forms and i believe that was it. So we go down there wait on a line that gives me some form and says i gotta go up to the transfer office, so i go there and wait and the lady there is like you need to have at least 24 credits to transfer here without needing your highschool transcript. So i wasn't sure, cuz i am a retared, i went to check with her. Now even though at the end of this semster i would of had 28 credits it still showed what i only had last semster which was 14. So she's like you need to get your high school transcript if inorder for us to start the transfering process. Super pissed at the time i would go the following week to my highschool. Ok then this past monday i am ready to go to my highschool, mind you over the weekend my grades were put in and they said that the avg had been changed but since my econimics professor isn't grading till the 15th i was like fuck my avg wont change. But as i looked on the site what do i see. 25 credits now and a..ahem really bad gpa =/...but that's because my last grade hasn't been put in. . hopefully it goes up cuz its really bad ><. Anyway so yesterday i went down there and my mom wanted to come along i said sure always nice to have company. That fucking shit took like an 1hr and 30min and i almost couldn't do it again be because my old college doesn't seemed to be connected to the other colleges...happens to be the only college too....nice luck, eh? Soo after that long bullshit i am finally in the school. The good news, classes seem interesting and i have none on monday ^^. Bad news...they are all pretty much late classes, most are like 3-4hrs long and i have to fucking take math again!! >< Oh well live and learn i guess. So now it's done and i am an offical student of there and on the 26th you'll hear what i have to bitch about....again i am apologizing for the lack of blogs...really have slacked with that...fucking wow..taking over mah life!!!11!11!111one Anyway till next time which SHOULD be soon =D.

Posted at 1/12/2006 11:11:53 am by Lin986

Sunday, January 08, 2006
What a week

Yea haven't blogged in over a week zomg the longest i think i have ever gone without letting you all into my lil dull life. But this time i did have a good reason as to why i did not blog this week, even though i could of the first my nerves just got to me that day and well i couldn't =p. What the fuck is she talking about u must be saying to yourself. Well if u happen to catch my past few blogs or any from this month mah boyfriend was coming the first week on Jaunary, which he did and left sadly yesterday =(. But first off January 1st was his birthday so even though i already said it to him HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEGZY!!! Omg i can do that cuz i can =P =D. Anyway he took the bus here which made me feel so bad because it was like a 12hr bus trip. But i was there to pick him up when he arrived at the port authority and i think that we were pretty much inseperable since the moment i saw him at the gate waiting and when i went up to hug him. So he was able to stay with us, yar in mah house it was teh awesome, for 6 days and let me tell ya it was the best 6 days in a while. Don't remeber the last time i was that happy or had that much of a good time. I never smiled and cried so much this week compared to in total lolz. Crying only cuz of the fact that he left and i didn't want him to leave. But i can basically sum up the week as nothing but smiles. We connected so well more so than i thought and even though we were both nervous the first day went very well. Where we both thought we were going to be quiet as hell we were talking up a storm always making asses or ourselves in the street and just having fun spending the short time that we had together and making it great. And no fighting zomg i was shocked and of course extremely happy about that =D. Soo like i said it was a great visit but with that all good things must come to an end and yesterday when he left it was...well it really sucked =/. Hopefully it would be that bad the next time when i go see him in Toronto cuz i dont' think i could take something like that again, considering the fact that i am still real bummed out about him leaving soo hopefully its not bad. Anyway i would like to go into more of what else went on during the week but i am really tired and feeling like blah so i am just gonna stop here and fill u in on all the bull shit on the next time i decided to blog =P.

Posted at 1/8/2006 5:38:52 pm by Lin986

Friday, December 30, 2005
2 years zomg

Heh almost forgot to mention this but yes it has been 2 years ago when i started this lil blog. Who would of thought 2 years later let alone 1 year later I would still be typing in it. I usually get bored of these things and become a fad and just stop when the fad buzz wears off. But no since i was 17 my life has been exciting, boring, depressing, and all that junk. And who would of thought that i already filled out 2 years of it =P. Well thanks all who have read my tales of woes whether daily or once, its cool beans =P. Granted i don't write in it as much as i used to when i first started. . . shows home much a person has changed. . . gonna go and read some 2 years ago entries and see wtf i was writing then what concerned me the most and what not heh all has changed in such a short amount of time. . here's too Greeting's going strong =P. . . oh ya ZOMG 3 days!! ^_~

Posted at 12/30/2005 6:56:05 pm by Lin986

Busy busy

Would of blogged like a few days ago but this goddamn week has been so hectic I haven't had much time to do anything. Ok i don't remeber the last time i blogged but tuesday i had to take my economic final, which by the way i didn't study for. And we all know what happens when u dont study right? Well thinking i've done it a few times before i thought with some glimmer of hope i would get away with not doing it and just go on what i remeber just thinking the answers will comes to me as i approach teh question. Hmmm that didn't happen, at all. I totally bombed the test. Oh well my mentality was not school or studying this week because last week it was suppose to be all and done with and i was already not is a studying mood. So a week later u expect me to study? Hell no. Whatver i got into the school i wanted. Who knows maybe i didn't do that bad...or worse. Because he won't be in the office until Jan 15th i won't know that grade or my gpa for that matter until then or later....which sucks. Umm let's see today have some family over to i dunno spend time during the holidays. . .i'm not that type of person and thats why i am sitting in my room typing out this blog while talking to mah segzy!! Yea not my cup of tea but whatever, right? Hmm lets see lets see. Zomg i am soo fucking excited. In three days mah segzy is coming to new york to visit me yay!! He get's to stay for roughly a bout a week, probably a little less but i am soo happy that he's coming. First time i get to see him in person yayzorz and i want to see him so much. The time has gone so slow just waiting for this to finally come and i'm sure that whole week will just fly by because that's what always happens when something good is going on. But sadly that is something that we all have to deal with. I just want to be able to enjoy my time with him while he is here =D. Well i'm off cuz i got to make nice nice with the family...maybe next entry won't be so far off.

Posted at 12/30/2005 3:27:06 pm by Lin986

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