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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
College, college, college zomg

Yar so my first week of classes in my new college are finally done and since i've ignored the blog long enough...=/, i figure i tell ya about it like i promised to do so. Ok so thrusday was the first day and i had math. Sucks that i have to not only take math over but the same math course again..but what am i gonna do the course didnt transfer over so sucks for me. Good thing is that its a 10am class so compared to my 12:30 math class last semster its much better cuz it not only goes faster but i think because i had this shit before i can understand it a lot better. Plus with that the porfessor is totally cool so its always good that u enjoy the professor and how he teachers cuz that means u will understand teh shit he tells ya zomg and i do! So yea thats not a bad class. Friday was my long day 10am- 4:30 pm =/. Well i have two classes that day. My first was my photography class and the in the after noon was my graphic arts communication class. Both kick ass classes zomg so fun. In the photography class not only will we be taking our own photos but we will also develop our own film. Isnt that cool? He showed us all the machines and how to develop film in a dark room and shit like that it was soo cool. And in the graphic communication class i get to draw out logos and learn the fundamentals of graphic arts...still haven't gotten all my shit for that class yet but i should by tomorrow cuz friday is the class again. And today since we didnt have class last wednesday i had my graphic arts management office class and not as interesting as the other ones but its still cool. And i finally get to use a computer in this class so its all gravy. Hmm lets see lets see...other than classes nothing else seems to be going on that is interesting...just wow and classes atm lolz yea thats a REAL nice life,eh? I'd like to think it is. Soo i got nothing else to i will stop where i am now cuz me bored of it lol...until next time god knows when that will ever be lol.

Posted at 2/1/2006 6:41:20 pm by Lin986

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