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Sunday, January 22, 2006
My last week /cry

Ok so its technically not a full week but basically my last...umm 2 days of having no certain time to need to go to sleep cuz i need to get up early for class or homework bull shit to deal with...but that all will soon come back this Thursday when the spring semster starts =/ /sigh. So why do i say 2 days left? Well monday i get to still relax and not have to worry about any bull shit cept getting my notebooks and stuff but thats no big thing. But on tuesday i gotta be at orientation at 8:30am....not required but SUGGESTED soo my mom insists i go so i said what the hell it will get me back into the swing of things with getting up 6am kinda early yay. I mean my calsses aren't well hardly early classes...only one i have to be there at 10am...that would be my earliest..the rest which happen to be all my graphic art classes are late afternoon to like early evening..meaning 6ish. Yea sooo good stuff hopefully it will all go somewhat smoothly. Then wednesday i can relax again before the dreaded thursday which means is when my classes start. Good thing though is i have mondays off so i am really not complaining about my sechedule. Hmmm staying on the school topic just a lil bit more, my economics professor sends us an email in like the last week on december saying he wont have the grades for us until January here January 15th comes..still no after that...still nothing and now here we are on the 22nd....and still fucking nothing. I dunno what the fuck is up with this dude. Test and projects he would give back when he said he would but for some reason the final he is having a lil trouble with...the midterm we got back real dud? I mean seriously he almost fucked up me getting my tranfering shit done. Soo hopefully they will show up later today..or tomorrow..or sometime soon..cuz i really wanna know my whole gpa not with only 3 courses..../sigh. So yesterday if i am correct was Amanda's 20 years old..heh i can't imagine myself being 20....seems weird...well hope she had fun the weather was rather hot that day. 60 degrees? WTF its winter i have not felt and normal winter weather and january is suppose to be the cold month. Ummmm well i got nothing else on me..stuff i could say would not be for ppls to see this is all i got..take it or shove it up ur ass =D

Posted at 1/22/2006 11:41:51 am by Lin986

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