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Grade: 2nd year in College
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
I'll stop....=P

Ok ok obviously my MOPING as a few people have referred to it to has seemed to be quite excessive lately, i realized that with the kind advice of all the people that both Terence and I talked to that we should just take it and listen to them about it. I promise not to mope anymore about this shit...or at least not as much lolz...cuz lately i wil admit i been doing it so yea i will stop. Time to get back to normal Linda. The loud, rude, total bitch you'd love to hate zomg fun =D. Just gotta keep up the visits between us and jsut keep looking forward to them. So much for Terence's idea of just constantly playing WoW for like large amounts of time during the day heh. . .even I will still do it cuz fucking WoW is addciting...subsituting it for something else is really not a good idea. Just see it as a game...i need mah horsie anyway. I really hope to do some sewing today..gotta find all the shit i need to do teh trim on mah Sakura dress and hopefully finish this one up real soon so i can get started on Areis and then other ppls cosplays love mah new sewing machine...its my best friend...we have lunch together everyday....he doesn't talk much but meh what ya gonna do right? I mean if it did talk i would start to even though its sounded pretty pathetic talking to a sewing machine i'm retarded. Hmmm lets seee oh get this shit had to go down to mah college yesterday and give in teh moonies for mah tuition and zomg they are so slow down there...but whatever its all over and done with and now the NEXT time that i should be going down there is when classes start to which i will be alone and confused on which building to go to lolz...ahhhh the joys of starting over in yet another new school. Boy do i hate getting used to something different when u been so used to your old college for like 3 semsters...yes 3 semsters that college has sucked the life out of me slowy but surely it has. Little by little until i beacame one of the fucking losers..but no i did not, cuz i got my fucking ass out of the worthelss piece of shit college and fuck you to all the students, professors, and whoever that works there and that never seem to give a damn...Fuck u all you worthless bastards beacause u can act rude to me and fail me but little do u know i have more power over u...evaluations FTW!!!! So shove your fucking B's and C+'s up all your fucking asses you worthless trash =D......I hope u all die a horrible horrible death...yea that does sound a tad mean but i mean if u went to that college and seen the staff and those oh so great professors(HUGE SARCAMS ALERT) you'd be saying the same thing yea wheee for a newer and hopefully less crappier college =P

Posted at 1/18/2006 11:11:55 am by Lin986

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