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Monday, January 16, 2006

You know i've noticed something ever since i started blogging a lil over 2 years ago. I went too look back at all the times that i blogged in January, and including this one it is 3 total. . and i found that the blog entries have gotten progressively less and less and the blog got older. The first time i blogged in January i blogged pretty much everyday except for the weekend that i went to my senior ski trip, the following year i blogged every other day or 2 days and here i am in the third time i blog in the month of january..barely blogging. Why may you ask..hell thats what i ask myself. There could be a lot of reasons. First off why did i start this crap? I mean did i really think anyone was gonna read it unless i told them and for that matter want people to read about my life? My life is boring? I mean what person would spend their time reading blogs about people they dont know? So i can explain this a bit. I started this blog because at that time it was such a big internet craze and when it began to get fairly popular. I mean lots of ppl were making blogs and i thought i would follow the fad and make one to. Thus Greetings was born. Granted i told a few ppl it and they read mine i read theirs and we all had a good laugh. So why the hell did u all of a sudden go from blogging a lot from hardly ever? There are plenty of reasons that i blog as much, or shall i say as less, as i do. Has that buzz from the fad of making and having one dissipated? Partially that is the reason i dont blog that much. It's kick pretty much faded for me. . but that was like last year so lol. I mean if i were to read my blog when i started like late 2003 and read it now in early 2006 lots of things have changed. Hell i have changed. You think with being a senior in highschool considering i really had no life then i would have nothing to blog about. And that was the time i blogged the most, of teh irony! Possibly cuz i was so bored and had nothing to do that all i did find interesting was putting together a few sentences and paste an entry. I know for fact my life was boring then all i raelly blogged about was hockey and life as a senior in highschool. Kk let's fast forward a bit to the 1st brithday of Greetings. Kk now there is plenty more to write about. Your first year in college zomg! Teh experiences you will have, right?! Wrong heh with no hockey to blog about i was stumped to write about anything. But this the cosplay hobby came about. My friend and i went on our sewing frezy and sure enough made it to our goal and went to the con and had an awesome time. Life wasn't really all that interesting then either but writing about first year in college does give ya something to bitch and moan about. Ahh the way they grade homework wanted to be out..more so the freedom ya have. So here i am in the second year of my blog and my going into 4th semster of college. And i blog a hell of a lot less. What happened? Well thanks to my dear brother and whitney i got introduced to the world of mmorpgs and the addiction they can have on a loner like me. Hell i dragged my friend into teh fun but she didn't grabbed on to it as much as i did, but she did like to nuke. . oh teh nukage!! I'd say my life pretty much changed a lot or scratch that, the most in 2005. Still with my addciting game. .. . friendships started to break. She got a boyfriend and i was totally supportive and happy for her. . .but it left me teh lone chick. . even though we still hung out i just felt left out being alone in the sense of well..hard to explain but i hope u understand what i meant. And me and my retarded game addiction sorta destoryed a long friendship that had gotten progressively distant that year anyway. Then late in 2005 i met my boyfriend Terence and i became super busy as did she talking to her bf when she could cuz of time difference and wrking and me being attached to the comp talking to terence all the time. . .it fianlly came to a break. . .sucks that it happened but what can ya do...wanna guess who's fault that was i take blame cuz i start stupid shit...but whatever i guess nothing i can do about it now. . we completely lost contact. . again thanks to me heh..oh linda you wonderful person. . .anyway back on track to what i was saying so now with terence in my life and him introducing me to world of warcraft. . ahem there really hasn't been time to blog because i am either on the fone with him on wow with him or him yelling at me about raiding =D j/k. So yea that in a nut shell is why blogging has just lessened since i started. Life has changed a lot for this blogger.....some good some bad. . . .so you just gotta roll with the punches. . .there are just days where i could give a fuck about blogging. . will i keep it up this year? Who knows i dont really care for it anymroe. . so write this entry? Just to explain why i dont and reflect on it. . plus to take a wow break =D. And i need all i can to keep my mind of Terence in the sense if i do think of him when he's not here it depresses the shit outta me. Hell last night i was lieing in bed and all i could do is think about him...not being here. . .i swear i am so ready to get on with my life and be with him and just leave. . . i really can't take it at times. . this house drives me nuts. . .i just want to be with Terence. . someone that actually makes me happy, shocking isn't it? Love his so goddamn much that this distance is not wrking for me at all..just wonder how others do it so well without going fucking nuts. Its been a lil over a week and i still feel depressed about it. . .thats bad? That's gotta be bad. Meh what am i gonna do. . . try not to think about it and just look forward to when i go there in march and when he comes in june ect ect. . keep positive. . .heh hard for me to do but o well. . .but i mean if college wasn't in my way i would just move in with him in a sec, thats how much the distance is bugging me. . yes yes i know only almost 3months and u wanna move in with him? Yes, yes i do. . thats how much i love him and how well i know we both connect with each other. And here i go rambling on about something else lol....gonna stop before i go into soemthing else and just bleh go off topic. So the point of this was to explain why i dont blog as much and just incase i dont anymore, life has changed. . .i fucked up a lot i know that. . and other stuff that in the back of my mind that i questioned i took that chance and it ended up being something good. . yea it also just sounds like my life in a review. . .you might want cliff notes for this entry. . might of gotten a bit carried away with how much i wrote. . shows you just whats been on my mind recently. . enjoy

Posted at 1/16/2006 9:53:55 pm by Lin986

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