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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Yay I'm in zomg!

After being such a pain in the ass with it last week I am finally registed and in my new college and am goddamn happy to be outta my old college. Granted my classes are awesome but I am so boned with the sechedule it is not even fucking funny. Anyway lets rewind a bit cuz i seemed to forget to mention what happened teh prior week when i wanted this shit over and done with. Last week was actually a week from today so zomg it makes sense...anyway Terence and I went down to mah new college so i can get registered for the new semster and shit so i wouldn't have to stay in my old college another semster. We go down there with what the acceptance letter told us to bring. My high school diploma plus a copy, my college transcript, the medical forms and i believe that was it. So we go down there wait on a line that gives me some form and says i gotta go up to the transfer office, so i go there and wait and the lady there is like you need to have at least 24 credits to transfer here without needing your highschool transcript. So i wasn't sure, cuz i am a retared, i went to check with her. Now even though at the end of this semster i would of had 28 credits it still showed what i only had last semster which was 14. So she's like you need to get your high school transcript if inorder for us to start the transfering process. Super pissed at the time i would go the following week to my highschool. Ok then this past monday i am ready to go to my highschool, mind you over the weekend my grades were put in and they said that the avg had been changed but since my econimics professor isn't grading till the 15th i was like fuck my avg wont change. But as i looked on the site what do i see. 25 credits now and a..ahem really bad gpa =/...but that's because my last grade hasn't been put in. . hopefully it goes up cuz its really bad ><. Anyway so yesterday i went down there and my mom wanted to come along i said sure always nice to have company. That fucking shit took like an 1hr and 30min and i almost couldn't do it again be because my old college doesn't seemed to be connected to the other colleges...happens to be the only college too....nice luck, eh? Soo after that long bullshit i am finally in the school. The good news, classes seem interesting and i have none on monday ^^. Bad news...they are all pretty much late classes, most are like 3-4hrs long and i have to fucking take math again!! >< Oh well live and learn i guess. So now it's done and i am an offical student of there and on the 26th you'll hear what i have to bitch about....again i am apologizing for the lack of blogs...really have slacked with that...fucking wow..taking over mah life!!!11!11!111one Anyway till next time which SHOULD be soon =D.

Posted at 1/12/2006 11:11:53 am by Lin986

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