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Sunday, January 08, 2006
What a week

Yea haven't blogged in over a week zomg the longest i think i have ever gone without letting you all into my lil dull life. But this time i did have a good reason as to why i did not blog this week, even though i could of the first my nerves just got to me that day and well i couldn't =p. What the fuck is she talking about u must be saying to yourself. Well if u happen to catch my past few blogs or any from this month mah boyfriend was coming the first week on Jaunary, which he did and left sadly yesterday =(. But first off January 1st was his birthday so even though i already said it to him HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEGZY!!! Omg i can do that cuz i can =P =D. Anyway he took the bus here which made me feel so bad because it was like a 12hr bus trip. But i was there to pick him up when he arrived at the port authority and i think that we were pretty much inseperable since the moment i saw him at the gate waiting and when i went up to hug him. So he was able to stay with us, yar in mah house it was teh awesome, for 6 days and let me tell ya it was the best 6 days in a while. Don't remeber the last time i was that happy or had that much of a good time. I never smiled and cried so much this week compared to in total lolz. Crying only cuz of the fact that he left and i didn't want him to leave. But i can basically sum up the week as nothing but smiles. We connected so well more so than i thought and even though we were both nervous the first day went very well. Where we both thought we were going to be quiet as hell we were talking up a storm always making asses or ourselves in the street and just having fun spending the short time that we had together and making it great. And no fighting zomg i was shocked and of course extremely happy about that =D. Soo like i said it was a great visit but with that all good things must come to an end and yesterday when he left it was...well it really sucked =/. Hopefully it would be that bad the next time when i go see him in Toronto cuz i dont' think i could take something like that again, considering the fact that i am still real bummed out about him leaving soo hopefully its not bad. Anyway i would like to go into more of what else went on during the week but i am really tired and feeling like blah so i am just gonna stop here and fill u in on all the bull shit on the next time i decided to blog =P.

Posted at 1/8/2006 5:38:52 pm by Lin986

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