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Monday, December 26, 2005
Good News, for once...

Zomg! Can you believe I finally have some good news. Yar tis been a while since i had any so the fact that it doesn't come often leaves room to celebrate. Finally got my letter back from the college that I applie to in October wanted to get out of this dreaded horrible worthless college that I have been stuck in for 3 semsters and well you can obviously guess it. I got accepted! ^^. Yar finally some good news about my average and the fact that me busting my ass for these past semsters has paid off cuz I got in teh college that I wanted to go to. It's a nice college and it has my major what more can I ask for right? Well would be nice if it were a lot closer to where i live becuase where i thought this was a long commute, this new commute will be a bit longer. . . fun stuff. Possibly the only downfall to the whole thing but its ok becuase it doesn't matter where the fuck where its located if it's the school that i wanted to go to and it offers what i want then i am gonna go for it. To which i will. Of course now this puts me in a bit of a tight squeeze cuz now i gotta hurry up with some stuff because next month is the spring semster and I wanna get adivsed and get my new sechedule as soon as possible so i can get some decent classes. Of course with this being so far away from where I live dunno how i will manage getting the 8am classes that i would do where i am now. Cuz now that it's father that means getting up and leaving earlier. But i dunno i gotta actually find the best and quickest route there and time how long it will take. . shouldn't be that bad but yet i dunno that myself so i need to find this out. But like i said now this is gonna keep me busy for the vacation. Speaking of schooling tomorrow i get to FINALLY take my economics final so i can be done with this semster and get my gpa for it. Granted i already know its gonna suck beacuse bio i got a C+ math C+ and english a B =/. I am hoping that in econmics that I atleast get a B- B and i will be happy. Another C grade and i will be pissed off cuz i know that i did slack off this semster but i thought i still worked hard in trying just not to fail lolz. So tomorrow while i am down there i can get some of this other stuff for my new college done. EEP soo happy that I can get out of this rat hole cuz this school is horrible and the professors dont give a shit and can all rot in hell for all i fucking care. =D Anyway that was my happy happy news and wasn't it great? Well I am off to get some things done and cram my ass off with economics tonight =/....hope hope for a B at least. .  .until next time

Posted at 12/26/2005 11:40:52 am by Lin986

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