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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Stupid Transit strike

All those fuckers who went on strike leaving 7million new yorkers stranded without public transportation to get around to schools and jobs and such can all go suck cock and die!!! Sersiouly after all the years they've done this and never striking i never thought i would see teh day that they would strike leaving ppl totally fucked. I mean i know they did it in the 80's but its much worse now. . population has increased somewhat i know for fact and a lot more ppl and to just do that is totally retarded. They bitch about nothing and when they are given something its not good enough for them so they bitch and moan more to get what they want. And you know what its not gonna work like that. . .keep striking u ass wholes because once you go back to work don't even think for one second that people are gonna pay any mind to you or give u one ounce of respect unless they were on your side as well. Beacause this is day 2 of this shit so if this goes on pass friday or hell pass today there is something really wrong. Why am i soo goddamn pissed about it. They had to fucking strike on the last day of my finals. So what has my college been doing? The only thing they can by postponing exams until the strike is over and god knows when that will be. Just wanted to take this last exam on tuesday and not have to go back to my collge until the end of january when classes are in session for the spring semester. . but no they had to strike that particular day....just to fuck with people. . well fuck you ass holes. Heh...aside from that rant my others finals didnt go that bad. . math seemed all too easy.  cheat sheet ftw :P, and biology was ok...not the best test imo but i know i passed. . .last test that i have to take is economics but i guess i am gonna have to wait for that. . also got some of my grades back and i am pissed off about them. Got a C+ in biology and a B in english. Now if those aren't crappy grades i dunno what is. I mean i knew i was gonna do really crappy this semster, hell i forsore it, but i dunno i thought maybe after telling myself that i would be more dedicated to do better. . .geuss not. Hmm let's see ahh yesterday was ou 2month anniversary...lame lame yes i know but i dunno its nice ^^...shut up =P it is!. . . Which also makes me exicted to know that mah segzy will be in nyc soon yayzorz. . . oh and i would like to thank him oh so much for making me play wow....ADDICT!! =) kk i'm done.. =)

Posted at 12/21/2005 6:08:30 pm by Lin986

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