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Sunday, December 18, 2005
I am a deviant

I meant to join for a while but just seemed to forget, but today i finally signed up for Deviant Art and now my art will be displayed on teh site for all to see and comment =/. Dunno if thats a good thing for a bad thing but am willing to take the chance i suppose. Anyway the link for it is soo u can just click that to check it out...dear friends of mine pls leave a comment ^^. Anyway i'll link it to blog when i remeber too...would be nice if i did it after this but i will probably forget and that will be the end of it until i remeber like a few days later. Soo yesterday was my nieces birthday PARTY...emphasis on the party part because it actually wasn't her birthday. Yes as wierd as it may sound to the rest of us they celebrate her birthday with everyone on a day when its not her birthday but early enough so she wil get brithday and chirstmas gifts. Her acutal birthday, which is this week, is on the 21st of this month. Cuts it real close to chirstmas not to mention its on the first day of winter so its not that hard to forget it heh.. just like my boyfriends, who's is coming up too very soon on the 1st of Jan. .now if i forget that not only am i a bad girlfriend but a retard considering thats the easiest day to remeber. First of the year. Come on now doesnt really take brain power to remeber that one now does it? Hmm maybe for me it does lolz...yar yar i suck. Anyway i basically talked to the wall for the most of that party.. or my brother cuz i didnt know/like anyone else at that party. Real highlight of that crap was when terence called and when we left lol...yea i hate parties that make absolutely no sense, and this one didnt make any at all. Bleh this week is my test week so that should be fun stuff. I have two finals tomorrow. Sucks but the good thing is that i dont have to get up early tomorrow so yayzorz for that. Have my biology and math tomorrow which is my two worse subjects. . lets just hope i barely pass my math test because thats all i really want. . D or C i dont give a flying fuck. . .and then tuesday i got my economic final and lets just hope they dont strike so i can actually take the test lolz. Well i am off to study and talk to mah segzy!! I found out that teh interent is for porn....=) just grab ur dick and double click =/......get it =P

Posted at 12/18/2005 11:18:15 pm by Lin986

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