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Name: Linda
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Location: NYC
Siblings: 2 brothers(both older)
Sport: Hockey
Team: New York Rangers
Fave Players: Dan Blackburn, Jamie Lundmark, Mike Richter, Mike Dunham
Grade: 2nd year in College
Piercings: 2(both in ears)soon more. . .

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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Chirstmas =/ bleh

Yea i hate this holiday oh so much i just can't wait till it comes and goes so i can just enjoy my vacation. Finally started christmas shopping yesterday and i only got my moms something for xmas and my neice something for her birthday cuz her party is on saturday and her acutal birthdsy is on the 21st. . go figure they make it early enough so no one jips her of a birthday and christmas gift eh? =P. Soo that reminds me that i also gotta wrap some stuff today of what i bought and go shopping tomorrow hopefully being able to knock out some more stuff =/. Also need to go to the library to return those books from my research paper which i got a B+ on ^^. Anyway today was mah last day of classes WOOT WOOT!! To think this semster is almost over and it couldnt come any faster. Had my long day and basically did nothing in my classes. With the lack of sleep that i had the night before i basically just took a nap in every class. Next tuesday and monday are gonna be fun because i have my finals and after those two days i am finally free of this semester and look forward to a nice long vacation and seeing mah segzy ^^. But of course no year goes like we plan..even teh school year. The people of the NYC transit system are planning on striking midnight tonight and hopefully they dont because i need to be able to get to mah college for mah finals next week, They already set up some retarded contingency plan but the college is basically gonna be postponing the test for a later day but lets just hope it doesnt happen because i dont feel like going back to college during my vacation and waiting even longer for my final grades so i can actually see mah horrible average this semster. Well glad to see that its almost over and that just makes me happy alone lolz. Well I have nothing more to add except rawr ^^...

Posted at 12/15/2005 8:14:41 pm by Lin986

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