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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Yar one more week

Yes yes yes this is finally my last week of classes for the semster and let me tell u i am damn happy for it to be over soon. In a way it has gone fast but in other ways it has gone sooo slow. Just glad that now we will be finishing up learning our last bits of shit and reviewing for next week which is just finals and for me only 2 days so its all good. Then after that i will have that lovely month and a half off to do nothing related to college or downtown near my college...maybe except the fact that i have to take some test for spanish if i wanna take next semster for placement. . .was HOPING not to be here again for another semester but it is looking like i will. Damn fucking cuny system and their ghey transfer process. . . at this rate i will never get out of this college and move to something else and change my major to what i fucking want!! ></cry. . .oh well guess i need to be patient about it. .  and who knows i stil may have hope going there next semester or at least next school year. . .cuz i want out of this college ><. But they may be waiting for this semester grades. . but i dont remeber if i wanted them to see them or not. I believe i put no because i knew there were gonna be horrible this semster. . soo i dunno they are just fucking slow why the hell am i making up fucking excuses for these ppl. . .lazy lazy lazy asses that get paid more than they should and do nothing in the end. Hmm let's see what else. . .Rangers doing really well. . .second in the league tied with another team. Niiice. . . .=). . . so this saturday is my niece birthday party but not her birthday. . no i am not going into that shit. . anyway i havent gotten her a gift let alone done any christmas shopping ><. But we all know how i feel about that holiday or any at that matter. . =). . good thing about this vacation other than the days off is mah segzy coming here eep ^^. . yea yea thats enough of that from me lolz. . back to normal bitch mode again....kk all good =). . well yea i been slacking with writing in this blog but once i am off i will have more time for it cuz i will have nothing to do lolz. . so nothing to write about lolz. Anyway. . . until the next time which will be sometime soon i promise =). . . peace and chicken grease =/

Posted at 12/13/2005 5:03:06 pm by Lin986

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