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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Will it ever end?! ><

Omg i cannot fucking wait until this semster is finally over. I seriously cant take this shit anymore and i want my month and a half off. These like past weeks have been fucking sucking and it seems like it is just getting worse and worse =/. For the past three days i have been waking up late, and running all the way downtown half alseep. Hopefully i dont do so again tomorrow or something is really wrong. I mean i know my mentality is already that classes are over for the semster but i mean i still have one more week of classes and then after is finals. . .but its just like no one is doing anything anymore how can i not feel like i am already off. Bleh yesterday i did one of the grossest things i would never of thought i would do. Yestderday in lab i had to dissect a fetal pig. Omg and me thinking it wont really look like that much of a pig but goddamn holyshit that thing was basically full term. IT was fucking 12-13inches long...felt so bad. I didnt really do that much of the cutting into the pig my partner was really having the fun with that but it was jus soo gross to cut up something that looks like an animal..i dunno it just seemed really wierd.  I mean it was so compared to the frog and worm i mean u can actually see the shit inside this thing. I know we did it cuz it was suppose to be a closely related to a human beings insides as possible but it was sooo sick. And of couse i didnt end there. We had to close it up and save it for next lab when we finish up the dissection. Omg we had to save the dissected pig for a while week?! Sooo nasty. . . not looking forward to doing that again next week but once it is over with i will be happy. Speaking of whcih.. lol nothing to do with it but last thursday i believe i mentioned how pissed i was when my english professor didnt how for class..well guess what happened today, again =/. Got up late and ran out the house only to find that the dumb bitch wasnt here...again!! Its really getting annoying how irresponsible she is. I mean omg for a professor u need to be responsible. I have learned nothing from that class this whole semster. That is the only class i can say that i did not gain anything from but migranes =/. And u know what really pisses me off? The fact that she makes the final draft of the research paper due today and she doesnt have the decency to let us know that she wont be in today and makes us re type and corrected it to get it in on time for nothing.. this is the main reason why i cant wait till this semster is over. Fucking bitch can rot in hell for all i care i just want a decent grade from her and to tell her to shove that great big fucking smile of hers up her fucking ass. Yea i ranted enough for today =/

Posted at 12/8/2005 8:07:39 pm by Lin986

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