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Monday, December 05, 2005
R.I.P. Goldie =(

Yea.... was gonna write this sooner but i figured it was best now because i know i can type out this entry without crying. Ironic how my mom and i were talking this monday saying god this has been a bad year. . . and she tells me, well its only gonna be December...there is stil room for more. And who would of knew that it could get worse, and so soon at that? Friday we took goldie my kitty of 12 years, to the vet because it looked like he had gained a significant amount of weight within a matter of days. Hell he even felt heavier. Found out when we were there that the X-rays showed he had gained 2.7lbs of weight in fluid. Had something to do with the tumor he had. Basically all of a sudden fluid started to build up in his body giving him little to almost none breathing space. Literally there was fluid everywhere but a little tiny circle. Basically if we would of left it for like 2 more weeks he would of drowned. Sad to say standing there watching the X-ray the vet was like "I think it's time...." those words went right through me because i knew what was coming. Even if we would of tried to help him we would have to come back every 3 days to drain him and it will end up putting him in a lot more pain. Soo bascially the only thing we could do and what we all knew was coming was putting him to sleep. Still is kinda hard to realize that he isn't here anymore. What made me feel the worse was the fact that they brought him down from the X-rays so we could say goodbye to him. To see him sitting on the table, awake and aware as ever, absolutely broke my heart to know that this was going to be the last time that I wil see him alive or that I would see him period. To know that he wasnt going to go home with us was horrible and i kinda wish that i didnt see him. I keep playing it in my head over and over and I'm just glad that he is finally not in pain anymore. Although his last 2 years of life he lived it will diabetes and a tumor he was a fighter all the way to the end. You know how they say cats have 9 lives? Well i believe that he used all of them as he was near death soo many times but ended up being strong and pulling through and recovering like a champ. I had him since i was 7 and for 12 years filled our family with lover and affection....bleh cant even type this without tearing up.. I will miss him very much and loved him soo much. Gonna stop now because if i try to type more its gonna take me forever to get these sentences out without crying... anyway thats all i really wanted to in peace my lil teddy bear.....

Posted at 12/5/2005 8:09:06 pm by Lin986

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