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Friday, December 02, 2005
Bleh, next semster sucks. . .

Just when you think ahh here is the perfect opperunity again! Tis registration time and here's get another chance for me to make a sechedule i like with the classes that i want. . . err scratch that... with the classes i am required to take. Just finished doing it like 10min ago so you will here my pissed off tale of how much its gonna suck next year ><. Ok so the courses that i am taking are Physics, Music history, Spanish I, and English Literature II =P. . .that one i didnt want to take but since i want to get outta here asap i took it cuz if conformed best with my sech. . yea not the best way to choose classes since i will find it boring as hell but i want out goddammit ><. So basically i have class everyday. . and 3 of those days i have to be up nice and early. . . oh joy. . your wondering cuz i bitch so much about early classes why the fuck do u take them at that time? Well cuz i can deal with morning classes better and it makes the day go faster and it works for me i mean hell its been working for 3 semesters. So 2 of the days i have to be there a long time. . .and what sucks is and what kinda doesnt suck about it is that all the classes are directly one after a nother.. . no big breaks inbetween on my long days anymore ><. . . but i do still have some long breaks. . . ./sigh. Anyway overally it isnt too bad its just with the classes that i am taking i feel i will have the stress that i am having this semster . . all over again. . /sigh i need a break dammit. . .i wish i could transer, damn school hasnt told me anything yet. . . but i may be able to get outta here on time so i just may do that. . of course EVENTUALLY i will need speech but i am just not ready to take that. . . when? Heh my last semster. . .yea i'ma big chicken when it comes to that class and what better way to make my nerves go craZy than putting it off until the last minute? Yes you are one wise person there. . .tyty =). Hmm this entry is gonna neeed to be cut short need to take mah kitty to the vet because he's in pretty bad shape ><. But some final bull shit before i go. .  .wuwu gratz to the rangers for kicking ass yesterday and beating the penguins 2-1. . . we are making some damn points and they seem to be really rocking this year ^^. . . so yea need to get going. . . wish i had more to say but tis need to be responsible. . . until next time. . . IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!111!

Posted at 12/2/2005 2:57:07 pm by Lin986

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